About Sky Yang

Sky Yang is an international model and a modern-day yogi. He has made yoga an integral part of his lifestyle. As a child, he has been exposed to different forms of yoga with the loving guidance of his grandmother and parents. Through their teaching, he developed an inclination to certain spiritual practices. To this day, he continues to commit and ardently practice yoga.

Sky’s dedication and total submission to his sadhana lead him one evening to nothingness while in deep meditation. It completely dissolved his physical and mental self. It submerged him into the vast darkness of universal consciousness. There, he was one with all — total unity, love, bliss, joy, and he was at home. Emerged from a great depth of meditative state, while gasping for air, he decided that he needs to help and share his experience with the world through yoga. Being on this disposition, he found the urge to learn more about the unknown. He uses it as a drive to push himself to be more and do more.

At an early age, he realized that he can influence people to make them choose to work on being a better version of themselves. Passion for movement has taken him to a route of working from the outside (with boxing, taekwondo, swimming, and archery) to the inside with yoga. That inspired Sky to build on his practice. He initially took his YogaWorks 200-hour teacher training under Sarah Bell in 2016. He continued his pursuit to evolve further to be a better practitioner and teacher by taking the 300-hour teacher training with Joan Hyman. He took both at Urban Ashram School of Yoga where he teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Qigong and Meditation. he is also Certified as a Gravity yoga teacher, Qigong teacher and Molchanovs freediver. he continued his education with Tevia Feng of White Tiger Qigong School, Lucas Rockwood of Yoga Body, He also studied at World Peace Yoga School in Rishikesh, India.

His connection to the source made him extra passionate about his craft. He allows the universe to utilize him as a conduit to guide students through each session. He lets the divinity in him to carefully plan and consider the classes that he teaches. He regularly goes to a Zen temple to be guided accordingly. He aspires to adhere to the traditional practice hoping to one day guide people to transcendence. He knows that this won’t be possible without doing his inner work so he makes it a point to experience something new from different sources every day — may it be from a blooming flower, a purring cat, or a hungry dog.

Sky teaches the students to crack, confront and make peace with the ego, he strongly believes that physically, we may be limited but spiritually we all have the same limitless capability to experience the cosmos.

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